Our Trustees

Carrie Briggs-Jones (Chair)

Carrie first joined WSPCF when she moved to West Sussex in 2010, having been through the tribunal process for her son Harry to secure the support he needed at school. She found it a lonely and difficult process so she was glad to find and join a group of friendly, diverse, passionate and caring individuals who not only wanted to make life that little bit easier for parent carers, but also bring them closer to professionals and providers to make things better for everyone.

Fast forward a few years and she is proud to have been the Chair of the organisation for a second tenure. She brings the knowledge and experience of a varied career in finance and banking, as well as her personal experience as a parent carer to the table, using this to lead an amazing team of staff and volunteers who make the Forum what it is today.

Lindsey Butterfield

Lindsey has been involved with the Forum since its early days, as she felt isolated after her son was diagnosed. The Forum gave her the opportunity to learn and develop her confidence as well as giving her the support she needed. Having worked for Autism Sussex, WSCC Short Breaks, and Amaze, she brings a huge wealth of practical knowledge to the table as well as being the founder of Worthing group ‘Parents For Autism’.

Her current role as Trustee for WSPCF enables Lindsey to focus on developing the way the charity moves forward,  she is proud of its history and how it has grown over the years. She is passionate about helping other parent carers and is pleased that she can use what she has learnt first-hand to help other parent carers in their own journey.

Helen Merrick

Helen joined the Board of Trustees in September 2019, having spent several years working with the Forum as a Parent Rep. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as trustee, and, being a parent carer herself, has empathy and compassion for those who are on a similar pathway to her own family.

Helen has a particular interest in mental health and is an experienced parent advocate at care and treatment reviews.

Caroline Martin

Caroline joined the Board of Trustees in January 2020. She has many years experience of multi-agency work in a number of different roles to help promote and encourage the inclusion of all children and families in their local community. This has included support at nurseries and schools, via local children and family centres and through commissioned services.  

Caroline is passionate about helping families of young people with SEND. She believes that, as a trustee, she will be able to contribute to improving the quality of, and access to information and services for these children and young people and their families. This in turn will help to build their resilience and confidence. She is very excited to have this opportunity.

Ben Burt 

Ben also joined the Board of Trustees in January 2020. He has a wealth of experience working in the charity sector and is currently the Chief Executive of the Springboard Project in Horsham. During the Covid-19 crisis, he has taken on the role of Vice Chair, to support Carrie, and to provide strong, consistent leadership should any of the Board (or their vulnerable families) become ill.


The day to day running of WSPCF is down to our CEO, Val Evans and her team. You can find out more about their roles on our Contact page.