What We Do And How We Do It


This YOUTUBE CLIP from Contact helps to explain what it is.



Co-production is about people/organisations and services working together as equal partners to develop and produce solutions.


We collaborate with other organisations, charities, NHS England, Clinical Commisioning Groups and West Sussex County Council by listening to the voices of our membership, participating in key strategic job interviews, producing personalised Maps and Paths and sitting on various important panels. By using the Ladder of Participation we gather concerns that families have, we engage with the relevant partners and encourage participation and together develop solutions (where possible).


As a Forum we consult to gather vital information about how we can meet the diverse needs of children, young people and their families living with SEND in West Sussex to shape and influence public services. With the goal being to improve the quality of life for families in our local community. We also use this approach to inform wider consultations and a regional and national level. WSPCF does this by attending Coffee Mornings, Social Media, Surveys, Conferences, Events and a range of other methods.


The Forum hosts and supports many events which travel throughout West Sussex, ensuring local organisations aservices are invited to share information, advise and support.

Coffee, Cake, Information and Networking (CCIN), is aimed to bring together a range of organisations and services (0-25 years) who all support SEND families through information about activities, education and care/support of the carer and their families.

First Steps to Adulthood, this event is aimed towards young people (aged 14+), and their families. It brings together organisations and services with the intention of informing them about what young people with SEND can do post-education.

WSPCF also helps other organisations who support parent carers who have children and young people with SEND to bring together events and conferences when needs are identified.

Support & Training Courses

Our trained parent carers deliver courses to help you understand your parenting journey, your own feelings and well-being and how to work well with others to support your child or young person. All training is for a half-day, between 10am-2pm and lunch and refreshments are included.


This YOU TUBE CLIP is feedback from the recent advanced person-centred training session for facilitators in county – person-centred planning is a set of approaches designed to assist someone to plan their life and support…… available soon to support you.


Training for parent carers who would like to become more involved with shaping and changing services within West Sussex. What will we cover and share with you?

— Being part of a bigger picture.

— How to represent the wider parent carer voice.

— Who we work with and how we work with them.

— Top Tips.

— Next steps for you.


Training for parent carers to ensure they understand how we as a Forum collectively shares the voice of our membership and the way we do it.What will we cover and share with you?

— The role of WSPCF and what you will be doing?

— What are you passionate about changing?

— Represent the wider parent carer voice and the language used.

— Who we work with and how we work with them.

— What is expected from the Forum and you – code of conduct, policies and procedures.

— Next steps for you.


This workshop is aimed at the parents of children or young people 0-25, with any ‘health’ need such as Complex Health, Learning Difficulty and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The original programme was funded by the Department of Health, written by parents and is led by an experienced trainer who is a parent carer herself. This workshop is FREE as it is funded by West Sussex Parent Carer Forum.


The workshop aims to benefit families of children and young people (0-25) who are currently using CAMHS, may use them in the future or those who are awaiting assessment in CAMHS. We will not be looking at specific conditions and how to manage them, but exploring together how the system works and how we can try to get the best out of it for the whole family.


This training is for our parent reps to raise awareness and provide Safeguarding and Child Protection Training.

Parent Carer Grant

THE FORUM WORKS IN PARTNERSHIP with Carers Support West Sussex on this grant to support health and wellbeing of parent carers. Parent Carer Grants (also known as the Carer Wellbeing Fund) are funded from Local Authority Short Breaks and NHS money. Parents complete an application form and a monthly panel of parent carers and Carers Support make the awards. This fund cannot be used for carers who are paid/employed to care for disabled children/young people for example foster carers. Respite for paid/employed carers should be discussed through their employers.

The money from the fund can be used flexibly on purposes which would enhance a carer’s health and or/wellbeing; for instance carers have previously used the money for gym/swimming sessions, breaks away (without the cared for), massage and de-stressing therapies. If you identify a purpose that we cannot consider from this fund, we will try and suggest other possible sources of funding that you could apply to. As there is limited funding, we may not be able to consider the whole cost of what you are asking for, but will try and make a contribution when we can, subject to the demand of the fund. Please bare in mind that applications to the fund are not guaranteed so please don’t commit yourself in advance to any arrangement.

For more information or for an application form either click here: APPLICATION FORM email or call 01903 726188.

Meetings We Attend

The Forum attend many different professional/practitioner meetings, representing a wide range of topics and services. Trained and supported parent representatives attend to share parent carer views and work alongside others. If you’d like to get involved as a parent rep or, find out more about the meetings, please get in touch.  Here is an A-Z of some of the meetings we attend to give you an idea of what we do:

Adult Social Care Round Table

Annual Review Audit Meetings

ASC ADHD Pathways development


Carers Strategic Steering Group

Children And Young People Select Commitee

Children And Young People Wellbeing

Coffee Mornings

Co-Production Framework Meeting


Crawley Advisory Board

Crisis workshops, Health Children And Young People

Disabled Children Partnership Board

Duke Of Edinburgh Strategic offer for young people with SEND

Carers Emotional Health And Wellbeing

Horsham and Mid-Sussex Voluntary Action Meetings

Independant Support Review Meetings

Life Long Services

Local Area Health Meetings

Local Offer Steering Group

NHS England

NHSCCG Children And Young People Stakeholder Engagment Meetings

Panels (Various)

Parent Carer Grant Meetings

Pathways To Adulthood

Personal Budgets

SEND Transport Steering Group

SEND Core Group

SEND Information Advice And Support Steering Group

SEND Local Area Inspection Logistics Group

SEND Parents Reference Group

SEND Strategy Task And Finish Group

SEND Strategy Programme Board

SEND Strategy Partnership Groups

Short Breaks Statement Review Group

Southeast SE19 Strategic Co-Production Partnership Group

Southeast Regional Cluster Network Meetings

Southeast Diversity Reference Group

Supporting Young Peoples Strategic Participation Meetings

Therapy In Schools Pilot Group

Transforming Care Programme Working Group

Wiki Meetings And Support And Training

West Sussex Childrens Wheelchair Services Meetings

Young Carers Strategic Group

Voluntary And Community Sector Safeguarding Forum

Educational Settings And Parents Working Together

THE FORUM FACILITATES and supports new and existing groups in schools for parents whose children have any Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We are committed to this in order to support a positive culture change within education- pre-schools, schools, colleges and out-of-school settings- to be more person-centred. On request from parent carers and settings the Forum will develop a group or support an existing group through information sharing, governence to produce good outcomes for a settings and children/young people.

Quote from a Special Education Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENCo) after their first group meeting:

“The meeting created an opportunity for parents to voice their concerns no matter how unpalatable it may have appeared to us. We presume that parents understand more than they do and this has been a wakeup call.”

What We Can’t Do

THE FORUM WORKS BEST by working on issues that affect a number of families by representing the views of parent carers in the local area. Unfortunately, we are unable to undertake individual issues that parents and carers have about their own child so we are not able to offer a 1-1 advocacy service. However, please contact us with any concerns or issues and we will support and signpost you to other relevant organisations.